Earth Care Congregation Spotlight: Westminster Presbyterian Church Eugene, OR

Westminster Presbyterian Church in Eugene, Oregon has taken significant strides to educate one another about the world around us. They are having a summer promotion of walking to church (instead of driving automobiles), and they have also started a nine-week program on Sundays called, “Walk to Bethlehem” with environmental education about each stop along the way.


They have also collected over forty books in their Creation Care Library, available for anyone to check out. A local author gave a program on environmental protection, based off his hike in Oregon. The program included an evening devotion, scripture, and song.


The members of the earth care team also took an old fence form the church playground and made bird feeders! All proceeds from the sale will go to support the earth care team and initiatives to further caring for God’s earth. Also, they have had an Audubon speaker come out to speak about the birds that are around the area.


Lastly, the church gave an outdoor blessing for the church’s 60th anniversary, which included planting a native White Oak tree. The service included scripture, reading and song.


Wonderful work, Westminster Presbyterian Church! These are wonderful ideas for other churches to consider when thinking about future projects.


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  1. Susan Ryan

    You are so far ahead of us in Georgetown, SC, who are just thinking about starting. Do you have a book list to share? Thanks, Sue


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