Earth Care Congregation Spotlight: Riviera Presbyterian Church

Riviera Presbyterian Church is located near Everglades and Biscayne Bay National Parks in sub-tropical south Florida, a globally unique ecosystem and home to a wealth of rare indigenous species.  With 95% of the area’s original habitat (outside the Parks) lost to development, and the overwhelming prevalence of exotic species in home landscapes, many of these natives (plants, insects, wildlife) are in danger of local extinction.  Looking at its own property, RPC wished to replace its water- and maintenance-intensive exotics with well-adapted native material and be more welcoming to butterflies and birds, but had no budget to do so.  However, every year, memorial/honorary Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies (both exotics) were donated by members and then mainly discarded afterward.  In response, the congregation has adopted the practice of purchasing native plants instead, and establishing them in the church landscape once the holiday services have ended.  Slowly the property is getting an eco-friendly makeover! 


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