Supporting One Great Hour of Sharing supports eco-justice in the church and in the world!

Beginning this year, PCUSA Environmental Ministries (now as a part of the Presbyterian Hunger Program) is supported by the One Great Hour of Sharing. All the support and connection Environmental Ministries is able to provide to you is thanks to the generous gifts of congregations that want to ensure that the national church continues to engage works of compassion and justice as disciples of Jesus Christ.


This offering, taken by congregations around Easter, goes to support vital ministries of the church that seek to address root causes of poverty, to alleviate hunger, to assist with natural disasters, to empower local communities in compromised situations, and to care for God’s earth.


I encourage you to give to this offering.


How can your sharing be a sharing with the broader church and with all creation? How can you make a great gift to the things that the national church engages that really matter to you?


Whether your church has saved money by being encouraged to do an energy audit, or your community has been spiritually renewed by reconnecting with God’s blessings in creation, or you personally have felt enlivened and convicted because of the work of eco-justice, please consider sharing that gift with others through One Great Hour of Sharing!


If you have never taken this offering, now is a great time to start! If your church already takes it, know that now the Offering supports Environmental Ministries in addition to the incredible ministries it has always covered, and consider increasing your gift if you feel so led.


(Some congregations collect this offering on Easter or Palm Sunday and some collect throughout Lent. Support for OGHS is also welcome throughout the year.)


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