Journeying to Rio+20

Tens of thousands of people, from official state delegates to non-profit organizations and social community leaders, are gathering for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development and the parallel People’s Summit. I will be part of the World Council of Churches delegation and will assume the role of observer. My hope is that my observations, the tiny snapshots I take of this major event, written here, can act as windows for Presbyterians (and others) back at home, to relate our local congregational ministries to global conversations.


This week as I blog from Rio, I invite you to keep the UNSCD and People’s Summit in your prayers as well as all ongoing efforts—local and global—for environmental justice.  I also invite you to learn and then spread the word about this event and the related global justice issues highlighted this week. How does this global window at earth care affect your individual, congregational, or regional efforts? How might your earth care team at church, or your family discussions, relate to something like the UNSCD?


Then, as you are able, perhaps this week you may discover an action you feel called to take. Maybe God is providing an opportunity for you to write to public officials or legislators about an important issue. Or perhaps God is lifting up a new earth-keeping practice you might take on. Maybe somewhere here there will be a thought provoked as to how you might stand with a community facing environmental injustice, at home or abroad. However you feel connected, however the Spirit moves in you and in this gathering this week, may we ever be mindful of God’s good ongoing work to care for creation and God’s invitation to us to be in respectful, responsible relationship with and care for the earth.


As I collect my thoughts to begin writing about my experiences, there already are great folks reflecting on this event. Here are some links to connect and learn more:

World Council of Churches article

PCUSA minister Neddy Astudillo, part of the World Council of Churches delegation, writes about her experiences here.

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