Stewardship Resources for Church Facilities

Caring for your property with sound economic and environmental stewardship

Last week, I had a good conversation with a faithful Presbyterian who was interested in helping his congregation think through good stewardship of the church facility–in ways that make both economic and environmental sense.


Caring for God’s creation comes out in our worship, our daily lives, our educational efforts, and our outreach and witness in the world. It also shows up in our concrete decisions about our church buildings.


I thought I would post here the resources (developed by the National Council of Churches’ Eco-Justice Program) that I shared with this local Presbyterian. May they be a blessing in your good stewardship efforts!


Building a Firm Foundation: A Creation-Friendly Building Guide for Churches


Bottom Line Ministries That Matter: Congregational Stewardship with Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Technologies


Sacred Spaces and an Abundant Life: Worship Spaces as Stewardship


Energy Stewardship: Using the Smart Grid and Emerging Technologies for Protecting God’s Creation

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