Prayer Vigil on March 22, World Water Day

stand with our Peruvian partners

Next Thursday, March 22nd, religious and community  leaders in Lima, Peru are gathering from 6-8 p.m. for a prayer vigil in order to oppose attempts to re-open the controversial multi-metal smelter, Doe Run.


This smelter, currently closed, operated in a small Andean Mountain city where, it is documented, more than 90 percent of the children now have lead poisoning.


In addition to the possible re-opening of this polluting smelter, the lives of several people of faith working to protect the public health and the environment were recently threatened.


Many faith groups across Peru are calling for the government to require the installation of the appropriate pollution controls before re-opening the plant in La Oroya, one of the most polluted sites in the world.


Our partners in Peru are asking U.S. Christians to join our voices with their voices on March 22, World Water Day. For more information on our partners, read about the Joining Hands network in Peru here.


You may pause and say a silent prayer.

Gather church members in a sanctuary.

Write letters of support to the children of La Oroya.

Or, contact the Presbyterian Hunger Program to join with advocacy efforts already under way at 502-569-5828.


To learn more about La Oroya, check out these videos:

Video 1: A Spirit of Power:        (5:57)

Video 2: A Spirit of Love:            (5:04)

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