Loving God and Loving God’s Earth

Today, as love is celebrated, what ways can we better love and serve God by loving and caring for the earth?


One thing I’m aware of is the “I Love Mountains” campaign, people from all across appalachia asking for alternatives to Mountain-top Removal Coal Mining. Folks from Kentucky have made today (Valentine’s Day) an “I Love Mountains” Day and Louisvillians are taking buses over to the state capital for a rally of hope and love for a better future and an end to this kind of mining.


To learn more about current faithful efforts around Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining, check out the NCCC Eco-Justice program.


Also, click here to read about a Presbyterian church in TN and how it is taking action through a fund-raising, awareness-raising concert!


In gratitude for all who are following the passion God has placed in their hearts to love this good creation.

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