Sharing the Story of an Earth Care Congregation

Story-telling encourages us, inspires us, gives us hope, and helps us risk creative vision. In that spirit, I’d like to share with you, as I’m able, some glimpses of the stories that PCUSA Earth Care Congregations are creating in their congregational life.


Earth Care Congregations vary in their interests, their geographical location, their church size, their leadership, and their current projects. Yet they all have stories to tell about what it is like to be following God’s call to tend and keep the “garden” (Gen 2:15) in their part of the world.


I invite you to listen in with me to a report from the First Presbyterian Church of Ithaca, NY that speaks, in words and photos, to a little bit of their story as an Earth Care Congregation.


If you’d like your congregation’s story to be shared, please let me know!

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