Ferncliff Conference Center Offers Students Greener Lives

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, and recipient of the 2011 Green Leaf Seal, Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center has created a place for youth and adults to learn more about saving the environment. Each week in the summer, new kids come to learn more about God, but also about the environment while having a good time. The camp provides a plethora of fun activities for the kids, from swimming and canoeing, to Bible Study and campfires. The conference center is also available as a retreat center for adults and children alike during the year.  Through two new programs Ferncliff has created more opportunities for adults and youth to connect faith and environmental stewardship with a focus on solar power.

Solar Camp Students of 2011A popular program at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center is the “Solar Under the Sun” program. “Solar Under the Sun” is a course that shows non-profit groups how to create greener opportunities in their community. Working with Living Waters for the World, “Solar Under the Sun” is creating new, solar ways to power water treatment facilities for the Living Waters for the World Program.

A graduate of “Solar Under the Sun,” Rollin Wycoff, MD, was the leader of a new program, Ferncliff Solar Camp. The Solar Camp is a camp for 6th and 7th graders to learn more about the environment and how to green their lives. Students learned an array of useful tasks, from making undrinkable water pure, to how to cook a meal in a solar oven. Ferncliff Solar Camp was a huge success, making kids stop and take part in creating a better world for them and the generations to come.

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