Minnesota Church Grows Greener Life

Roger Grussing, Pastor Emeritus and Chair of Energy Task Force, submitted this Church Earth Care Story on behalf of Crosslake Presbyterian Church in Crosslake, Minnesota. This church, like others around the nation, has created a greener environment in their community. If your church has done the same and would like to share it, please submit your stories.

Eleven years ago Crosslake Presbyterian Church was organized and its building designed and constructed.

Located in Minnesota’s lake country, there was a strong awareness of environmental impact.

Twenty well bores with closed-loop piping draw warmth in the winter and provide cooling in the summer.

Wind generated electricity purchased through a coop power company drives the circulating pumps and condensers and provides lighting and outlets for the building.

Ten acres of forest are dedicated to carbon sequestration.

An energy task force is presently trying to find funding for a field of rooftop solar voltaic units to reduce the amount of electricity consumed from the grid.

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