Take a Stand for Clean Air

The National Council of Churches (NCC) Eco-Justice Program has issued this Action Alert:

This week, three women of faith from various parts of the country–Rev. Leah Schade, Andy Burt, and Caroline Brock were in Washington, DC, speaking to elected officials about the need for healthy air and healthy communities. They urged them to support new policies that would reduce mercury emissions, lower smog levels, and ensure healthier communities, healthier children, and a healthier Creation.

Stand with them as they speak out for clean air and healthy communities.

Since 1970, the Clean Air Act has set a standard for air quality in rural  and urban communities by protecting children, the elderly, and other vulnerable communities from the disproportionate impacts of dirty air.

Despite benefits that the Clean Air Act has provide our communities, some members of Congress are opposed to clean air and want to roll back long-standing provisions of the Clean Air Act. 

Join them in standing up for clean air. Tell your elected officials you support the Clean Air Act and the proposed measures that would reduce mercury, smog, and other toxic air pollution in our communities.

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