Join the Environmental Ministries Action Network

Are you active in an environmental stewardship ministry in your church or presbytery?  

If so, or if you would like to become involved, please join the Environmental Ministries Action Network (EMAN). 

Environmental Ministries is launching this new network that is open to anyone who is involved in environmental stewardship in their congregation and/or presbytery.  

The goal of EMAN is to inspire and equip Presbyterians to care for God’s earth and to increase the channels of communication between PC(USA) Environmental Ministries and congregations and presbyteries with environmental stewardship programs.  

Participants in EMAN will work with their churches and/or presbyteries to care for God’s creation. PC(USA) Environmental Ministries will be in regular communication with EMAN participants to provide them with tools and resources for this work. 

Learn more and sign up for EMAN on the PC(USA) website.  (at

This new network will follow in the footsteps of the Stewardship of Creation Enabler (SCE) network.  Since 1995 SCEs have been active on a presbytery level as educators, motivators, and facilitators of action to protect God’s Creation.  As we transition from this structure to one that involves more people who are active on a local congregation level, Environmental Ministries would like to thank SCEs for their service.  Many of these SCEs will continue in their ministry and for this we are also grateful.  We look forward to continuing to work with them and to welcoming new folks into EMAN.  

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