Call for Restoration and Renewal for the Gulf

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program sent the following action alert:

Through the waters of our Baptism we are reborn into the spirit and the community of Christ’s Holy Church. As faithful members of that community we are called to care for each other and all Creation. One year after the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf Coast we must remember our call and care for the communities and Creation affected by this devastation. 

Please help ensure a viable future filled with restoration and renewal for the Gulf. 

The BP Oil Spill, a year later, continues to devastate the Gulf Coast.  The water and animals continue to suffer from chemicals and oil, while the people and community suffer from loss of jobs and increased reports of medical and mental health aliments.

As people of faith we can join together in prayer and action, to help the Gulf achieve renewal and rebirth.  Join now with people of faith to urge your senator to ensure a clean and safe future for the Gulf, and the world. 

Click here to download the resource "The Gulf Coast: Seeking Rebirth and Resurrection"

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