More Eco-Justice Related Lenten Resources

There are many resources that offer ways to strengthen our faith and explore eco-justice during Lent.  I have been featuring the "Tread Lightly for Lent" resource from Environmental Ministries, and wanted to let you know about several others.

Presbyterians for Earth Care, a grassroots Eco-Justice Network, is offering a Carbon Fast Lenten devotional.

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program is posting a Lenten reflection each week on their blog, focused on the following passages:

Week 1: Ezekiel 34:18-19   

Week 2: John 20:21-22

Week 3: Acts 2:44-45  

Week 4: Mark 8:1-9

Week 5: Matthew 18:20  

Week 6: John 20:24-27   

The Ecumenical Water Network is highlighting water issues surrounding conflict and just peace in Lent with "Seven Weeks of Water," looking at a different water-related issue each week.  The 

My colleague Melanie Hardison, associate for Enough for Everyone recently shared the following resources in the Enough for Everyone E-newsletter.  Sign up for the Enough for Everyone E-newsletter.

Join in a Lenten fast

Join with the Presbyterian Hunger Program and learn what our partners abroad and some U.S. farmers are saying and doing about the global food crisis. Use A Lenten Fast: From Insight to Action in the Gospel of John to find meditations, study questions, prayers and analyses that illustrate aspects of the crisis in five nations for the five Sundays of Lent. If you are able, you may fast for a 40-hour period from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning.

Please note: Not everyone is able to practice the spiritual discipline of fasting from food. Other types of fasts are welcome. Please see Fasting 101 on pages 49-51 for more info.

Living Simply During Lent

Use Lent 4.5 – Christian Simplicity, a seven-week program of conversion by the Passionist Earth & Spirit Center, to learn about issues of sustainability and Gospel justice and inspire practical steps to live more simply and care for God’s creation. It is structured around weekly themes which focus on the following areas of consumption:

1. Ash Wednesday Week – Christian Simplicity: Compassionate Living

2. 1st Week of Lent – Food: Buying and Eating are Moral Acts

3. 2nd Week of Lent – Consumption: Buying Less, Wasting Less

4. 3rd Week of Lent – Water: Conserving and Protecting

5. 4th Week of Lent – Energy: Choosing Efficient and Clean

6. 5th Week of Lent – Transportation: Getting Around

7. Holy Week – Gratitude and Generosity: Becoming Involved

I just learned of Lent 4.5, a congregation-based program. While it may be too late to begin this in your congregation this year, you may find it useful in your own Lenten journey or with family or friends. It is produced by the Catholic-based Earth & Spirit Center, which offers an interdenominational version.

Find a collection Lent resources

Pastors and worship planners will find this collection of Lent resources compiled by Theology and Worship useful for general Lent information and resources to share with your congregation.

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