Take Action to Prevent Fracking in Wyoming

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs sent the following action alert, asking for people of faith to speak out to protect God's creation fromhydraulic fracturing (or fracking) in Wyoming.  Learn more about fracking.

Churches, citizens, and communities in Teton County, Wyoming are speaking out about the problems with a proposed plan for natural gas drilling in their backyard that will threaten their water, air and long-term health if allowed to proceed.

Speak out against natural gas “fracking” in God’s Creation and communities.

Natural gas drilling uses a process called hydraulic fracturing (aka “fracking”) where thousands of gallons of chemicals, water and sand are forced underground at high pressure, breaking up rock and releasing gas. This process has contaminated drinking water and ruined farms all over the country  . . . and this is just the beginning.

Although this project is happening in Wyoming, this is something we should all care about.

Fracking is already happening, and causing problems, in 28 states and is expected to become more common in the coming years.

Our water supply being threatened, God’s Creation is being literally broken into pieces, and few understand the long-term consequences of this process.

Join the NCC and the people of Wyoming in speaking out about fracking in our communities and on God’s Creation.

The Eco-Justice Programs

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