Twice Is Nice

First Presbyterian Church of Urbana, Illinois recently became an Earth Care Congregation and shared a story about "Twice is Nice," a thrift store that the church runs. 

First PC is located near the University of Illinois campus.  Through the thrift shop, the churchTwice is nice practices responsible stewardship by providing church and community members with an outlet for unneeded items, and offering  college students and other community members with affordable used goods.

The thrift store is located in a home that the church owns, run by volunteers, and is open to the public three days a week.  The money that is taken in goes to maintain the house and to local ministries.  The shop offers clothing, housewares, books, linens and other items.

Thank you to First Presbyterian Urbana for sharing this story and for finding a way to reuse that decreases our impact on God's earth.

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