Story of Electronics and Simple Living Advent Calendar

As we approach Christmas, there are two resources I'd like to bring to your attention:

The Story of Stuff Project has a new video "The Story of Electronics."  Like the other videos in the series, "The Story of Electronics" traces electronics through their life cycles: from development, production, use, and disposal.  Some of the facts and figures from this video are staggering: We produce 25 million tons of e-waste a year.  Older model televisions that are being thrown out contain five pounds of lead.  Many e-waste recycling ventures take place in unsafe conditions for workers in developing countries.


Watch "The Story of Electronics," learn more, and take action.  The Story of Stuff Project teamed with GreenFaithto make a faith-based study guide called "Let There Be . . . Stuff?"on consumerism for high school students.  Download the study guide.

If you do holiday shopping, keep this story in mind, and make choices that keep God's creation and people in mind.  Shop fair trade.  Shop locally.  Make crafts for friends and family.  Give friends and family gifts of your time, like cooking or babysitting.  Give a donation to a non-profit in someone's name.

Alternatives for Simple Living produces a resource called "Whose Birthday Is It Anyway?"  This resource gives ideas for intentionally celebrating Advent and Christmas as Christ-centered seasons.  learn about the resource and order a copy.  The organizations' website also has a free downloadable calendar for Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas.  The calendar offers an idea every day for living simply and maintaining a Christ-centered season.

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