Ensure Clean Air for All

The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program sent the following action alert:

MPj04372050000[1] Clean air is central to everyone’s life. It ensures that children can run and play outside with ease, it helps prevent respiratory problems in the elderly, and it keeps our communities clean and enjoyable places to live. At the heart of our work for eco-justice we are called to protect the essential gifts of air, water, and land. These gifts are essential for supporting the health of God’s Earth and God’s children. We need your help to ensure their protection.

Right now, elected officials are trying to undermine the Clean Air Act and limit its ability to regulate the very pollution that contaminates the air. Bad air quality means more asthma, more pollution, and more threats to Creation. This is particularly alarming for low-income communities, communities of color, children and the elderly that are mostly likely to bear the burden of toxic chemicals from power plants.

As people of faith, we must do what we can to protect Creation and our brothers and sisters. Please take a moment to ensure that the Clean Air Act remains strong and that all God’s Creation can benefit from the gift of clean air.

The Eco-Justice Team

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