Host a Free Screening of No Impact Man Documentary

The No Impact Project asked me to let congregations know about an opportunity to host a free screening of the documentary No Impact Man.   Watch the trailer for No Impact Man (note that the trailer has some offensive language, but the DVD comes with a "clean" version).  Below is information from the No Impact Project:

Hosting a screening of No Impact Man, the Sundance-selected documentary following one man’s quest to live with no environmental impact for one year with his family in New York City is a great opportunity for your community to get together to discuss environmental issues and take action. And thanks to generous support from the 11th Hour Project, faith-based organizations are invited to participate in our special community-screening event for free. In addition, participants are can purchase copies of No Impact Man the book at half-off retail price. If your faith group would like to screen No Impact Man, please email Lindsay at the No Impact Project:

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