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Your guide to the Week of Action on Food


Start Planning Now for Churches Week of Action on Food

It is now time to start preparing for activities for the Churches Week of Action on Food from 10-17 October. During the Week you will be connected to thousands of people, churches and communities around the world in a movement calling for change in the way food is grown, sold, distributed and shared. It is a time to lift up the voices of small-scale food producers, particularly women, to have choices on what crops to grow and how they can grow these crops.

The Week in October goes from October 10-17, Sunday to Sunday and is a key time for action:

12 October is Indigenous Peoples' Day
15 October is International Day for Rural Women
16 October is World Food Day
17 October is International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

Also, 11-16 October is Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Committee on Food Security (CFS) meeting, Rome, Italy and good time to advocate for FOOD for ALL! FOOD for LIFE!

The EAA has produced a Resource Guide for the Week of ActionDownload Food-Week-Guide2010. The guide offers action ideas, as well as worship resources, including a liturgy and a prayer card. You can use this guide to help you effectively take part in the 2010 Churches' Week of Action on Food together with others around the world. 

Hold a Sunday worship service (which is in Word, so you can download and modify it for your church) on food and gender on the Sunday at the beginning or end of the Week of Action or on both days. And you can also find many other resources here.

What can I do?

  • Hold a worship service focused on food and gender on the Sunday at the beginning or end of the Week of Action or on both days.
  • Use or adapt the liturgy found in the EAA resource guide.
  • Encourage a national letter writing campaign calling national governments to safeguard communal land against land grabbing using the EAA Model Letter
  • Adopt, adapt, collect signatures and send to the same people/institutions on the same day.
  • Organize an Agape meal prepared with food produced by women or purchased from fair trade shops and invite guests (including local politicians, press, celebrities etc). Use the EAA prayer card before meals.
  • Enter the EAA Food for Life competition by writing and submitting sermons on food and gender for promotion in 2011. Details of the competition will be available online during the Week of Action or you can write to sermons@e-alliance.ch
  • Let the media know about your events or write a letter to the editor to let more people know about the issues around food and gender.
  • Tell us what you are doing! Inspire others and share your ideas by sending information on your events and actions to foodweek@e-alliance.ch
  • More action ideas are available in the Resource Guide! Download Food-Week-Guide2010

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