Carbon Offsets for PC(USA) General Assembly

Ga219logo_sq The 219th General Assembly begins later this week in Minneapolis.  Presbyterians from around the country will gather to meet as the governing body of the church. 

Environmental Ministries has partnered with NativeEnergy to offset the CO2 emissions from the General Assembly.  These carbon offsets will be used to help fund the construction of wind turbines at the Greensburg Wind Farm in the Town of Greensburg, Kansas. Fifty-one tons of carbon from energy use in the plenary hall, exhibit hall, and worship space will be offset. 

In 2006, the 217th General Assembly approved a resolution, “strongly urging all Presbyterians to immediately make a bold witness by aspiring to live carbon neutral lives. (Carbon neutrality requires our energy consumption that releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere be reduced and carbon offsets purchased to compensate for those carbon emissions that could not be eliminated.)”  (Minutes, 2006, pp. 895-898)

To learn how your home and church can become carbon neutral read a guide developed by Pam McVety, Stewardship of Creation Enabler for the Presbytery of Florida.  The most recent issue of Peace and Justice Links from Presbyterian Women focuses on carbon neutrality and has links for learning more.

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