“Ending Oil Addiction”

Earlier this week an editorial written by Rev. Philip Lloyd-Sidle, pastor at James Lees Memorial Presbyterian Church in Louisville, KY, appeared in the Louisville Courier-Journal.  Framed by the Gulf oil catastrophe (Rev. Lloyd-Sidle rejects the term "spill" for this environmental disaster) and entitled "End oil addiction," the piece suggests a 12-step program approach to ending our addiction to oil.  In looking at oil "addiction" rather than "dependence," Rev. Lloyd-Sidle suggests that we "consider possible treatments as a means of healing ourselves of this addiction."  Read the editorial on the Courier-Journal website

The editorial encourages individuals and governmental leaders to seriously reflect on our addiction to oil and take steps to end this addiction.  Have you been reflecting on energy use lately?  What revelations have you come to for reducing oil addiction in your own life?  What ideas do you have for our country to move towards sustainable energy?

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