Victory for the Clean Air Act!

There is good news on the climate change front from Washington D.C.

On June 10 the Senate voted 53-47 to defeat Senator Murkowski’s “resolution of disapproval,” which would have invalidated the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) finding that greenhouse gases are a threat to human health and welfare.  Had this resolution been approved, it would have undermined the Clean Air Act and prevented the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gases. 

Thank you to everyone who contacted their Senators to let them know that it is important to protect the health of people and our environment from greenhouse gases.  Fortunately, enough Senators took this message seriously, and Murkowski’s resolution was defeated.  It is important for the faith community to continue to remind our elected officials that climate change should be viewed as a moral, not a partisan, issue.  Further, it is encouraging that the Senate voted to pay attention to science rather than politics to guide the climate change conversation.

In other reassuring news, multiple polls have recently shown an overwhelming concern about climate change among Americans.  Read an article that summarizes these new polls.

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