A Litany for the Sea and All Its Creatures

Rev. Neddy Astudillo shared the following litany in response to the Oil Spill.  

Inspired in Psalm 136 & Mark 16:15

We give you thanks, oh LORD, for you are good. 

Because your love endures forever!

We give you thanks, God of gods. 

For your love endures forever!

You alone made all great wonders, 

For your love endures forever!

With your understanding you made the heavens, 

For your love endures forever!

It was you who spread the earth out upon the waters, 

For your love endures forever!

It was you who made the great lights 

For your love endures forever!

And who gives food to every creature. 

 Because your love endures forever!

Lord of lords, today life seems to demonstrate that our actions hurt that which you created by love.  Lord, in your mercy,

 Continue loving us, forever!

Today we ask you for the protection of our brother, the Sea, and furthermore for the millions of hermit crabs abandoning their shells and getting out of the water. Protect them! Give them shelter. Lord, in your mercy,

 Love them forever!

Today we pray for the birds, their offspring, for the fish of the sea, the turtles, the whales, the dolphins, all those who breathe your breath, who eat and live in the sea that you created.  Hold in them your Spirit, chase them away from danger, Lord in your mercy,

 Love them, forever!

Lord, today we pray for all of those who live of the sea, the fishermen and women, those who live of tourism, vacationers, and those of us who do not know how to live without the sea,

 Keep loving us, forever!

Give wisdom to those who have the solution in their hands to correct the oil spill.  Move their hearts, so that not one marsh, not one coral is left untouched as they heal your beautiful creation.

   Keep loving them, forever!

All of these things we ask, in the name of the one who told us to share your Good News with all of creation.  Loving God, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer. Amen.
By Rev. Neddy Astudillo (06-2010) 

Rev. Astudillo is the pastor at Parroquia San José, a PC(USA)-ELCA – Latino Ministry in Beloit, Wisconsin.  She has led classes on eco-justice at seminaries in Guatemala, Peru, and Bolivia.  Visit her blog, Eco-Justicia.


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