Advocate for Climate Justice

MPj04372650000[1] As the Senate works on climate change legislation, the faith community is called to remind our senators of the importance of a bill that addresses climate justice.  Just climate change legislation will protect low income people in the U.S. from economic impacts that may come along with new energy legislation.  While climate change legislation is crucial it must be gone about in a way that addresses energy cost concerns for low income families.

Send an email to your senators asking them to protect families already living in poverty from economic impacts that may come from new climate change legislation.  Thanks to the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program for drafting this email.  If you missed the NCC Eco-Justice Program's Lenten series on Climate Justice, you can read it here.

In 2008 the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly approved The Power to Change: U.S. Energy Policy and Global Warming.  The policy states, "With our Lord, we will stand with 'the least of these' (Matt. 25:40) and advocate for the poor and oppressed in present and future generations who are often the victims of environmental injustice and who are least able to mitigate the impact of global warming that will fall disproportionately upon them."  Stand with the "least of these" by emailing your senators today to ask them to work for climate justice.

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