Lenten Living: Presbyterian Hunger Program is Calling for Lenten Lifestyle Ideas

Blogicon From Melanie Hardison, Associate for Enough for Everyone, part of the Presbyterian Hunger Program:

What makes Lent meaningful for you? Do you and your loved ones engage in lifestyle practices or spiritual disciplines that bring depth and meaning to your observance of this most sacred season?

This Lent the Presbyterian Hunger Program invites you to share with us your ideas and practices related to simple living, responsible consumerism and spiritual growth during the season of Lent. Historically Lent has meant giving something up, but for many in the church today, it also means taking something on, such as a spiritual discipline or lifestyle practice, as a way of deepening faith and journeying the Lenten path.

Throughout the season of Lent we are posting Lenten ideas and practices on the Enough for Everyone blog. By doing so we hope to foster an exchange of ideas among congregations and individuals throughout the PC(USA) regarding deeper Lenten discipleship through simple living, responsible consumerism and spiritual growth. We would love to hear and share with the church your ideas and reflections on meaningful and creative Lenten practices.

Submit your ideas by email and include the following information:

  • A description of your idea or practice (in a paragraph or less)
  • Your name and the name of your congregation
  • Your town and state and a phone number where we may contact you

In addition to possibly being posted online for other Lenten seekers to consider, all entries will be considered for inclusion in the upcoming publication Lenten Living, the next edition in the Just Living series.  Thank you for sharing your ideas.  I look forward to learning and growing in faith with you.

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