Join a Delegation to Nicaragua!

From the Enough for Everyone Program:

In January, the PC(USA) is sponsoring a Delegation to Nicaragua, where participants will have the opportunity to experience Nicaragua, Fair Trade and the church’s work there firsthand. The delegation is perfect for anyone involved in a congregation, college or camp that uses Fair Trade coffee or Sweat-Free Ts, has hosted a holiday bazaar using Fair Trade products, or simply wants to learn more.

Delegates will:
• Meet Fair Trade farmers and artisans
• Pick coffee and stay in homes of farming families
• Meet the women who sew Sweat-Free Ts
• Build community with fellow Presbyterians
• Learn about Nicaragua, Fair Trade and more!

The delegation will take place January 16-23, 2010, and is sponsored jointly by three organizations: PC(USA), Equal Exchange and CEPAD (the Council of Protestant Churches in Nicaragua).

Applications are due November 20. For information and an application call (774) 776-7366 or send an email. Some scholarship assistance is available.'

Though environmental issues will not be the primary focus of the trip, there are many eco-justice issues related to the area.  Enough for Everyone provided the following information: the cooperative we will visit is certified organic and they do some very innovate things for pest control.  The coffee is shade grown, which is important for migratory songbird habitat.  They also keep bees and produce honey.  Deforestation and water are big issues in Nicaragua – we don’t focus on these quite as much, but the farmers and local staff we’ll be traveling with are very knowledgeable so there are opportunities to learn more.

Please consider joining us and pass the word to others who may be interested.

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