Camp and Conference Centers

Earlier this week I attended the Presbyterian Church Camp and Conference Association(PCCCA) Conference at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Before the conference I had the opportunity to take part in the "Green Pre-event," in which representatives from centers across the country shared ideas on greening, toured green sites, and learned about  environmental education opportunities.  It was an exciting event.  I learned about many great programs, including the planned Solar Mission Training Center at Ferncliff, which will teach volunteers to install solar units for mission projects.  I heard about Johnsonburg Presbyterian Center's educational summer garden, and got great ideas from numerous camps.

I greatly enjoyed my time at PCCCA this week, and urge folks to look into the great programs that Presbyterian Camp and Conference Centers have for children and youth.  A study done in 2002 found that eight year-olds could identify 25% more Pokeman characters than wildlife species.  Our camp and conference centers are providing a crucial experience for youth to interact with nature in nurturing, faith-building environments.


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