Stop Mountaintop Removal on Coal River Mountain

Mtr From the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program:

Lands and water are essential parts of God’s creation. Through the land, God nourishes life and water links human life to the rest of God’s Creation. Creation begins with God calling life out of the water (Genesis 1:2). It is through water that all of Creation is gifted with life; life, in all of its forms, is not possible without water.

Last Friday, reports confirmed that blasting had begun on Coal River Mountain in West Virginia, and the West Virginia DEP confirmed that coal was being moved off the mountain. This was devastating news to local residents who have rallied around a plan to build a wind farm on the peaks of Coal River Mountain, the highest ever slated for mountaintop removal mining.

Rising above a picturesque valley in southern West Virginia, like an oasis in the midst of coal country, Coal River Mountain represents the last, best hope for a community resisting the legacy of dirty energy in this part of Appalachia. God gives us freedom to use the earth’s resources, but we need to use them in a way that honors God’s creation, not destroys it, and which sustains God’s people. Call on the Obama Administration to stop Mountaintop Removal Mining on Coal River Mountain.

Please take a moment to tell President Obama's administration and the Environmental Protection Wind-turbine-wv Agency (EPA) to stop mountaintop removal mining on Coal River Mountain.  A message to EPA to sign can be found here.  The National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Program aims to make Tuesday, November 10th the day of faith action to end mountaintop removal on Coal River Mountain.  If you are moved, please let others know about this call to action.

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