New Reports and Resources on Climate Change

On the eve of's International Day of Climate Action, there are several new resources and reports on climate change that I thought I'd share. 

A new report from the International Food Policy Research Institute states that 25 million more children could go hungry by the middle of this century due food shortages and increasing food prices as a result of climate change. has a compelling video on its website about climate change.  They have also posted a petition to ask congress to include international adaptation in meaningful climate change legislation.

A new study published in World Watch Magazine suggests that as much as 51% of the world's green house gas emissions come from livestock and their byproducts.

Some ideas for action:

Take the Countdown to Copenhagen pledge through Church World Service, urging President Obama to attend the climate talks in Copenhagen and support an effective international agreement.

Ring your church bell (or hand-bells) 350 times at 3pm on December 13th, which will be at the height of the climate legislation in Copenhagen.  The World Council of Churches is sponsoring this activity to create a chain of prayer and music around the globe to support climate legislation.  Go to the World Council of Churches website to register your event.

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