Swarthmore PC Wins 2009 EPA Energy Star Congregations Award

ES_Logo Each year the Energy Star for Congregations Program of the Environmental Protection Agency awards congregations for outstanding energy efficiency and innovation.  This year Swarthmore Presbyterian Church in Swarthmore, PA was one of only four churches nationwide to win the award.  By implementing many measures from changing out incandescent light bulbs for CFLs to weather stripping to increasing the efficiency of the boiler system, the church has saved 86,500 kWh per year, reducing carbon emissions  equivalent to the electricity usage of 19 homes.  These changes have also led to reduced energy costs for the church: the energy bill in 2006 was $50,000, as compared to $32,500 in 2009.  Learn more about the church's energy updates and efforts to engage the congregation in earth care through education.

Congratulations to Swarthmore PC for this award! 

Churches that are working on energy efficiency can receive technical assistance and other resources from the Energy Star for Congregations Program.

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