Climate Change Legislation – Contact Your Senator

Before the summer break, the House of Representatives passed comprehensive climate and energy legislation.
This is the first of four key steps to addressing climate change here in the U.S., responding to the urgent need to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.
The next step in the process is to get the Senate to pass a bill as well, hopefully with some improvements on the House bill.
With the health reform conversation taking over the public debate, however, there is a real possibility that everything, including climate change, will be put on hold until Congress closes the books on health care.  The climate crisis cannot wait, and with international climate negotiations scheduled for Copenhagen in December, it is more important than ever that the Senate act on a bill before the end of the year.
Tell your senators to make sure they act on climate and energy legislation in 2009.  To send an email to your senators, visit the Washington Office website.

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