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Over the years, a 15-member PC(USA) congregation in Tennessee has given $40,000 to help God’s children access clean water


Steadfast and faithful, Wartburg Presbyterian Church has partnered with Living Waters for the World

October 18, 2023

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The 15-member Wartburg Presbyterian Church has over the years given $40,000 to Living Waters for the World. (Photo courtesy of Living Waters for the World)

Living Waters for the World, the global mission of the Synod of Living Waters, fulfills our call to provide clean, sustainable water by partnering with churches throughout the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).  We are continually inspired by their strong sense of call, and none more so than Wartburg Presbyterian Church, nestled in the mountains of Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau.

The 15-member congregation has been served for 17 years by Pastor Carolyn Anderson. Anderson, who is visually impaired, makes the journey each week to Wartburg from her home in Knoxville with husband Jim at the wheel, to preach, nurture and encourage the congregation that dates back to 1873.

“The congregation is small, and the members feared they were too small to make a difference anymore,” says Anderson of her early days at the church. “I told them to remember what our Lord did with only 12 men!” Soon after, the church decided to partner with Living Waters for the World, and what has followed has been a modern-day loaves and fishes story creating life-changing impact.

Upon receiving their donation from their most recent fundraising event in July, Wartburg Presbyterian Church’s total giving to Living Waters for the World has reached $40,000.

We give thanks for the Wartburg faithful and all of our church partners for joining with Living Waters for the World to meet Christ face to face in the sharing of clean water.

Living Waters for the World, Special to Presbyterian News Service

Today’s Focus: Living Waters for the World

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Valéry Nodem, Associate, International Hunger Concerns, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Presbyterian Mission Agency
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We thank you, God, for all those who incarnate your love as the Body of Christ around the world. Bless our partners and bless even more all those they serve in Christ’s name. We ask this in the name of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Amen.