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Minute for Mission: Fair Trade Day


Prayer for Fair Trade

May 11, 2024

Fair Trade is a partnership that observes the human rights of all involved, paying fairly for goods and services that have been sustainably sourced and also engaging in supporting the fight against economic crisis, poverty, gender inequality and climate change. The PC(USA) encourages fair trade purchases, including Eco-Palms and the Presbyterian Coffee Project, whenever possible. (Photo courtesy of the University of Minnesota CINRAM)

Jesus fed the hungry and told his disciples to do the same. Yet, we know that hunger is an extremely complex phenomenon with economic, political and social causes. The Presbyterian Hunger Program does root cause work that addresses the underlying questions of why people are hungry in order to reduce ongoing hunger. That work includes accompanying Presbyterians in questioning our economic lives as we move beyond what our dollars do in the offering plate, to considering what our dollars do in the marketplace.

Fair Trade is an economic model that ensures we are practicing our values through our money. Fair Trade provides access to needed resources, allows workers to provide for their families while having control in their lives that allow them to live with increased dignity and tell their own stories.

Organized by the World Fair Trade Organization, the aim of Fair Trade Day is to celebrate Fair Trade and encourage the public to, where possible, choose Fair Trade goods, becoming fair and ethical consumers.

How to Observe Fair Trade Day:

Next time you need to make a purchase at your local supermarket, purchase fair trade certified products. If your local stores don’t carry fair trade products, encourage them to do so, and explain the movement’s benefits. Use Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa and other products during fellowship hour and anywhere coffee is served at church. Visit the Presbyterian Coffee Project page for congregations for ideas on how to get started and keep momentum going.

Incorporate prayers for Fair Trade farmers and artisans all over the world into your own prayers and into the prayers of your congregation.

Educate members of the congregation and community using Educational Materials from PC(USA) and Fair Trade partner organizations. Learn more about Fair Trade Day.

Jessica Maudlin, Associate for Sustainable Living and Earth Care Concerns, Presbyterian Hunger Program

Today’s Focus: Fair Trade Day

Let us join in prayer for:

PC(USA) Agencies’ Staff
Jimmie Hawkins, Director, Office of Public Witness-Washington, Compassion, Peace & Justice, Presbyterian Mission Agency 
Kari Hay, Mission Specialist II, Director’s Office, Theology, Formation & Evangelism, Presbyterian Mission Agency  

Let us pray

God of Justice, we ask that you transform the rules and practices of trade. We pray for those suffering because of unfair trade, for those developing new ways of trading and for those making choices about what they sell or buy. We remember your wisdom from Proverbs and confess our part in the disparity that exists so that in the fields of the poor even when abundant fruits ripen, injustice sweeps them away, leaving families to hunger. We ask, Oh God, that you help us to share the fruits of your bounty so that all your family may benefit from your gracious gifts. Amen.