A community of gifts, a multitude of benefits

We all have a gift to give. The contributions we make each day are as unique as we are: we may give our talents to accomplish something, give our time to help someone, or give our resources to further a cause. While our individual gifts have great value, so much more is gained when we share them in faithful collaboration.

One Great Hour of Sharing is one way we can join our many gifts, compounding the value in what each of us has to offer. Consider just a few ways OGHS-supported programs work to multiply the good in a gift, for the benefit of many:

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance aided 220,000 people with food, water, shelter, and medical care after the Nepal earthquakes. A population with a gift for resilience received a step toward recovery.
  • The Presbyterian Hunger Program has helped over 308,000 people in West Africa attain better food security and livelihoods. Those with a gift for farming received tools and training to develop their abilities and opportunities.
  • Self-Development of People programs helped bring clean water to more than 10,000 children and their families in the Dominican Republic. People with a gift for improving well-being received a way to make communities healthier and more productive.

Give to One Great Hour of Sharing and unite your gift with many more in one spirit of faithfulness and hope.

Please give generously:

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