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OGHS – Fideicomiso, Puerto Rico

  ‘We saw you’ In all her 66 years, Magda Cruz had never witnessed anything like Hurricane María’s power to destroy. The Category 4 hurricane ravaged the island of Puerto Rico. Many residents lost large parts of their roofs, so they had to either abandon their homes or sleep in unsafe conditions. Thankfully, Fideicomiso [fee-day-cō-mē-sō],… Read more »

OGHS – Self-Development of People

Embodying Kindness   For Shawn Duncan, it’s the little things — like getting a birthday card — that mean a lot. Perhaps it’s because Shawn, a military veteran living in Las Vegas, hadn’t had a mailbox in years. Or a home. A native of Michigan with no strong family ties, Shawn had been struggling for… Read more »