Peace be With You

In conjunction with the Peacemaking and Peace & Global Witness Offering materials, the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program offers materials for their own “Season of Peace”. 

One idea I particularly like is the Peace Cards found here. Easily printed at home and kept on the family table, each card offers a question, action and prayer to share with your family or small group. Facilitating conversation with loved ones about difficult issues like bullying, diversity, and food justice. We may be coming to the official end of the Season of Peace, but these conversations are important to have all year round.

Peace Card

From the resource:

“Peacemaking begins with individuals and families, then quickly moves to our communities and the world. Peace Cards provide an opportunity for families to engage in practical and real conversations about peacemaking.

Designed for a multigenerational time of sharing, Peace Cards encourage the whole family to share their perspectives, life experiences, and hopes about peace in their homes, community, and the world.

Keep the cards on the table where your family eats. At mealtime, draw a card and read the statement or question out loud. Give everyone an opportunity to share their experiences and ideas and let the conversation grow into actions.

Peace Cards can be used anywhere and with anyone—at dinner time or family gatherings, during fellowship meals at church, or as icebreakers for study groups or in-depth conversations on long bus rides with youth. Use one card per day during the Season of Peace and let the conversations become avenues for peacemaking.”

In addition to this, please visit the Season of Peace page to find additional peacemaking resources like Daily Reflections, Bible Studies, and instructions for hosting your own Peace Fair at your congregation.

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