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Baking the Future

Women owned and operated bakery transforms lives in Malawi By Fletcher Padoka | Kasupe Ministries Malawi In 2022, Kasupe Ministries, with the support of funding from the Presbyterian Hunger Program, installed the Kasupe Women’s Bakery in Kasupe, Malawi. The goal was to create a women owned and operated bakery that would address the local shortage… Read more »

Video: Partner Stories from Yemen

Hear from people displaced by the war in Yemen. Their families have benefited from different livelihood improvement initiatives implemented by Generations Without Qat, with the support of the Presbyterian Hunger Program and One Great Hour of Sharing funding. 7 minutes. The work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program is possible thanks to your gifts to One Great… Read more »

Celebrating Women’s Victories Around the World

By Eileen Schuhmann | Presbyterian Hunger Program On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day and the achievement of women as well as acknowledge the continued struggle for gender equality. The Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) has a long history of partnering with women-led organizations as well as organizations that center the development and empowerment of… Read more »

Systemic change with a big pay off

Advocacy to change the mining code in the DRC leads to community development By Valery Nodem | Presbyterian Hunger Program Despite being one of the world’s richest countries in natural resources, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is among the world’s poorest countries. This contradiction, fueled by endemic corruption and a dysfunctional public administration, can feel… Read more »

Broadcasting Voices

Radio is an important tool for development and advocacy Contributions by Agnes Mirembe (ARUWE), Juslene Tyresias (MPP) and Jaff Bamenjo (RELUFA) February 13 marks World Radio Day – a day to celebrate accessible information, learning, and connection. Radio has always played an important role in the development and advocacy work of the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s… Read more »

Legacy of Human Fraternity

The West Africa Initiative continues to build community By Winston Carroo | Agricultural Missions, Inc. On this day, now marked as the International Day of Human Fraternity, we are reminded of the power of peace, cooperation, and resilience. In many developing countries, religious and sectarian strife and conflicts are the realities of daily life, often… Read more »

Working for the upliftment of Palestinians

PHP and PDA partner with IDCO in Gaza on livelihood development and Covid-19 response By Rajeh Abbas | Improvement and Development for Communities Center, Palestine   Have you ever searched for Palestine on the world map? Palestine is so small that you can barely fit your finger on it without overstepping borders. However, The contradiction… Read more »

Working Towards Nutritional Security in India

Millet farmers innovate to revive millet eating habits By Salome Yesudas | Chethana, Joining Hands India Millet is a coarse grain, rich in nutrients, that produces well under dry and high temperature conditions and stores well. These characteristics make millets an ideal food for poor people living in dryland areas, faced with food security challenges…. Read more »

Communities Struggle for Fair Compensation in Cameroon

Large-scale development projects destroy property and livelihoods By Jaff Bamenjo with contributions from Prosper Kouayep  and Jacques Bile | RELUFA, Joining Hands Cameroon Since 2000, large-scale development projects have been on the rise in Cameroon. The implementation of oil pipeline, road , port infrastructure  and agribusiness projects have resulted in the destruction of property and… Read more »

Presentation of PHP’s International Work

Learn more about PHP’s international development and advocacy work By Eileen Schuhmann | Presbyterian Hunger Program Recently the staff of the Presbyterian Hunger Program put together PowerPoint presentations, complete with narrations, with the goal of helping Presbyterians and others to understand better the work that we do in the world. The hope is that the presentations can… Read more »