Meeting Jesus: March 1 Mary

Ash Wednesday

Read Luke 1:26–38

I was minding my own business. Then, out of nowhere, an angel appeared, telling me in nine months Joseph and I will have an addition to our family. I’ve “found favor with God,” and this child will be an everlasting king. The angel, Gabriel, even called him the “son of the Most High.”

So now not only do I have to explain this baby bump to all of Nazareth even though Joseph hasn’t put a ring on my finger, but he and I will also be responsible for raising this great king in back-of-beyond Galilee. But for some reason, God saw fit to give me this task. And I have to believe that if God wants me to do it, God will give me the strength to get through it. Lord, I’m your servant.

Prayer: Jesus, I may not know what’s coming, but help me to trust that you’ll lead me in the ways you want me to go. Make me your servant.

Text by Jodi Craiglow/Artwork by Creation Lab.

Members of First United Presbyterian Church of Belleville, IL are using the devotional as a framework for worship and education. Members of all ages read, researched and portrayed one of the characters on video as a way to meet Jesus in new ways. They have shared the videos with us — and with you!