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Bringing Community into the Boardroom

This piece is part of an ongoing series focused on the themes of “connection” and “community.” Follow the blog or check our Facebook page to see the other posts in the series as they’re published. “Can businesses be good and ethical?” I once asked a mentor, the founder of a realty company in urban Pennsylvania. “I think so” he… Read more »

PT Special Feature: Isolation in the Lone Star State

Loneliness is an increasing problem nationwide. How are pastors in Mission Presbytery staying connected during their calls?

What Texas is to states, Mission is to presbyteries: one of the largest and most diverse in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), with dozens of congregations near San Antonio and Austin, and large swaths of countryside where farm supply stores and oil wells outnumber houses of worship.
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Mystery at the Heart of Community

This piece is part of an ongoing series focused on the themes of “connection” and “community.” Follow the blog or check our Facebook page to see the other posts in the series as they’re published. “The club no one wants to join” sounds so cliché at this point it’s almost laughable. But then there’s the… Read more »

God’s Gifts Used as Weapons of War in Palestine

Last month I joined the ‘Mourning Choir’ in my hometown of Louisville despite being a mediocre singer at best. The Choir formed after the October 7 Hamas attack, the loss of 1,139 Iraeli lives, and the continuing loss of more than 25,000 Palestinians. This crisis period has brought Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others into community… Read more »

Rest and Resist — PC(USA) congregation heals through a Womanist ethic

As Womanist theologians, the pastors of Liberty Community Church in Minneapolis, MN seek the healing of their Northside neighborhood through co-creating spaces of rest and resistance with individuals victimized by the sex trafficking trade and within a community suffering from the effects of systemic poverty and structural racism. Rest and Resist — PC(USA) congregation heals… Read more »

God Doesn’t Care What Color Your Candles Are

An Advent reflection on the God of the midst and the mess   Author’s Note: It’s come to my attention that there are concerns that the content of this blog references conversations had in private spaces and closed groups. I’d like to clarify that all of the examples I reference I have heard expressed in… Read more »

Just Brave Enough: Lifting Up the Voices of Women in Scripture

A year ago I arrived at Princeton Seminary for The Art of Transitional Ministry training. I had no idea why I was there. I had graduated from Union Presbyterian Seminary a few months earlier and had yet to receive a Call. Truthfully, I hadn’t begun to look—I hadn’t even created my PIF. I did not… Read more »

#GivingTuesday draws us to lessons learned in Sunday school

Calendared amidst the commercial craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes #GivingTuesday, a timely reminder that life is more about giving than getting. It is a verifiable fact that generosity enhances our well-being.[i] #GivingTuesday is celebrated the week following Thanksgiving and kicks-off the year-end charitable season. About 40 percent of all charitable giving occurs… Read more »

A Reflection on Indigenous Peoples, Colonization, and the Church

*This piece was originally written by Shannan Vance-Ocampo for Indigenous People’s Day as part of her newsletter to the Presbytery of Southern New England. As we enter into National Native American Heritage Month, we encourage you to sit with her reflection and her invitation at the end.* Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, formerly known as… Read more »