Things that make you go hmm . . .


Shanell T. SmithTherapy Ain’t for Black Folk?!

by Shanell T. Smith

It’s all I see in movies.
It’s all that I’ve heard spoken.
“Black folk don’t do therapy.
Unless he was a ‘token’
Negros don’t believe in sittin’
With no man to help to free us
We don’t need no medication
All we needs, we got; it’s Jesus!
Ain’t no time for cryin’ and frettin’.
The chu’ch’ll pray to remove the hold.
Don’t go runnin to no therapy
Leave that mess to da white folk.”
Well, I’m Black and I go to therapy.
I make it my biz to sit right on down.
Therapy ain’t just for white folk.
Have you taken a good look around?
Blacks have more than enuf reason,
To just go and “end” their season.
But you say they best keep believin’
But our bodies keep on leavin’.
Depression’s thick and hearts are heavy.
Our chil’rens dyin’ left and right.
Fathers are bleeding in the street.
Mothers killed in broad daylight.
Folk is touchin’ in the chu’ch,
And I ain’t talkin’ bout no spirit.
Pastors acting like it didn’t happen.
Pervs plottin’ while singing lyrics.
We are losing jobs, foreclosing homes,
Our life savings are draining dry.
We’re just hoping that our change will come
But for most that’s just a far cry.
All I’m sayin’ is stop hatin’
On a profession that’s tried and true.
Jesus blessed therapists with gifts
Just like you claim he did for you.
Therapy is for everyone!
Ain’t no color to be attached.
And whoever tries to deny this fact
Know their thinking is ratch . . .
Take your behind to therapy
With it is absolutely nothing wrong.
It’s not a sign of weakness
But helps you to remain strong!
Therapy IS for black folk!
And everybody else too.
It won’t negate your need for Jesus.
Take him right on in there with you.

Shanell T. Smith is a teaching elder in the PC(USA) and assistant professor of New Testament and Christian origins at Hartford Seminary.