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Rocky Supinger talks with Aric Clark
Aric Clark talks about LectionAric, a YouTube series exploring the intersection of Revised Common Lectionary texts and popular culture. (This podcast was recorded in April 2015.)


Aric Clark<—- Aric Clark is a writer, speaker, and Presbyterian minister who lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and two sons. He is the co-author of Never Pray Again: Lift Your Head, Unfold Your Hands, and Get To Work, a book which challenges readers to embrace a concrete other-centered spirituality. When he is not writing, preaching, or parenting, Aric can be found engaging his tabletop gaming hobby or cooking for a crowd he invited home without his wife’s permission. Aric is the guy behind LectionAric. He’s a blogger at Two Friars And A Fool and a regular participant in the UnConference.


Rocky SupingerRocky Supinger has been the associate pastor at Claremont Presbyterian Church since 2008. His primary responsibilities are for junior high and high school youth. Rocky came to Claremont with his wife Meredith from Kansas City, Missouri, where he served for three years after completing his Masters of Divinity degree at Princeton Theological Seminary.  He and Meredith are graduates of Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas, and they have one daughter, Laura. He blogs and podcasts at yorocko.com.          ——>