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The UN turns 70

On October 24, the United Nations turns 70. United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the ratification of the UN Charter that occurred in 1945.  The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has long supported the work of the United Nations. The 220th General Assembly (2012) voted to “Affirm the church’s historic support for the United Nations as an instrument of… Read more »

70th Celebration of the United Nations Charter Day

by Nathan Jumper June 26 marks the 70th anniversary of the signing of the UN Charter. It set the stage for the ratification of the UN Charter which was completed October . It is, as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon remarked: an opportunity to reflect – to look back on the UN’s history and take stock of… Read more »

To Save Succeeding Generations from the Scourge of War

by Anna Folz On June 6, 2013, I attended a briefing titled, “Determined to Save Succeeding Generations from the Scourge of War”. The title comes from the opening line of the UN Charter. There were four speakers on the panel and each touched upon different aspects of war. Before the speakers started a video was… Read more »

Remembering Dr. Ralph J. Bunche: Black Hisory Month

I passed through Ralph Bunche Park at 43rd Street and First Avenue on Sunday. And it wondered me why the story of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche‘s life is not told more often. A political scientist, academic, writer, and diplomat, Bunche took part in planning for the creation of the United Nations. He was an adviser… Read more »