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Jerusalem, Settlements and the Two-State Solution

Danny Seidemann, Israeli attorney and founder and director of the Israeli NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem puts a two to three year expiration date on a two-state solution for peace in Jerusalem and thus in Israel and Palestine. In a presentation organized by the NGO Israel-Palestine Working Group at the United Nations, Seidemann focused on the question… Read more »

Support bold action for Holy Land peace

Join major Christian leaders from Catholic, Evangelical, Protestant, Orthodox and historic African-American traditions who have come together to declare their support for bold U.S. action and to call for meaningful progress to achieve a just and lasting two-state peace. More…

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Pursue peace for Israelis and Palestinians

Churches for Middle East Peace invites messages to President Obama thanking him for his strong support for a two-state solution and for making clear that both Israel and the Palestinians have responsibilities in the pursuit of peace. In our messages,…

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