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22,000 South Sudanese Stranded in Khartoum

From Refugees International: Khartoum/Washington, DC – As the final results of South Sudan’s referendum for independence are confirmed, 22,000 southerners are stranded on the side of the road in and around Khartoum still waiting for transportation to the South. On…

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The votes are being counted – Sudan

Follow the results of the voting in the referendum of Southern Sudan as provided by the Southern Sudan Referendum Commission and the Southern Sudan Referendum Bureau. The results posted are “updated from the information retrieved from the referendum centers….These are…

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Preparing for the South Sudan referendum

As the day for the referendum in South Sudan (and hopefully the referendum in Abyei) draws near, here are some observations, reflections, and resources: Pray with the people of Sudan Fast with the people of Sudan Letter to WCC member…

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