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Remembering Srebrenica

by Nathan Jumper Twenty years ago in July 1995, more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered, an act that has come to be known as the Srebrenica genocide. These mass killings were perpetrated primarily by units of the Army of Republika Srpska, and the Scorpions, a paramilitary unit from Serbia. In 2004, the Appeals Chamber… Read more »

Women cross for peace

by Amelie Clemot Thirty women from 15 different countries crossed the De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea on May 24, 2015. Today, July 23rd, 5 of these women presented their expedition at the UNHQ. For a trip that barely exceeded a week, it took countless hours of negotiation and planning. In fact, they… Read more »

International Day of UN Peacekeepers

by Nathan Jumper United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki-moon once remarked: “United Nations peacekeeping has given life to the UN Charter’s aim ‘to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security’. Through years of struggle and sacrifice, the iconic Blue Helmet has earned its place as a symbol of hope to millions of people living in… Read more »

Learn more about Western Sahara

by Nathan Jumper Basic Facts Western Sahara is formally listed by the United Nations as a “Non-Self-Governing Territory.” This means that it possesses neither independence nor formal incorporation in another country. Located on the Northwestern coast of Africa, South of Morocco and North of Mauritania, Western Sahara is comprised of a population estimated at 550,000,… Read more »

Educate a child event in New York

If you are in the New York city area, we invite you to attend an event with the Rev. Alonzo Johnson on the Educate a Child initiative:   Educate a Child: Transform the World: A National and International Initiative   The Rev. Alonzo Johnson Associate, Presbyterian Peacemaking Program   Wednesday, June 3, 2015 Noon –… Read more »

Pillars of the Church program fosters commitment to peace and justice ministries

reprinted from the Presbyterian News Servicestory and photo by Rick Jones In a world of change and uncertainty, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is growing a loyal group of supporters to keep its peace and justice ministries thriving. Church leaders announced a new program called “Pillars of the Church” at Compassion, Peace and Justice (CPJ) Training… Read more »

Security Council Press Statement on terrorist attack on French newspaper

The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations issued a letter expressing our prayer and condolences to Ambassador Delattre. The Security Council issued the following press statement regarding today’s attack in France: The members of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms the barbaric and cowardly terrorist attack against the headquarters of French newspaper Charlie Hebdo,… Read more »

A Ministry of Presence

Reflections from the Peacemaking Travel Study Seminar to South Africa Listening to and hearing voices that may otherwise be unheard is the experience of those who are called to ministry. Often those voices end up beating in our eardrums and actually touching our own hearts and we too are transformed in our listening and hearing…. Read more »

Apartheid May Belong in a Museum, but its Ramifications Persist

The Peacemaking Program’s Travel Study Seminar to South Africa The following was written on Friday, November 7 while in Johannesburg, South Africa A system, Apartheid, had a nation divided black from white.  Nelson Mandela, a hero for freedom and forgiveness, draws me from the largest city in the United States to the largest in South… Read more »