Robert Arrington – Princeton field education student – 2015-16

Robert Arrington at knotted gun statueHello, my name is Robert Arrington, and I am working this year as an intern at the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. I am currently in my third and final year at Princeton Theological Seminary in the Master of Divinity program. I am very eager to participate in the Ministry’s advocacy at the United Nations and to learn about the dynamic ways the United Nations operates. I hope to add a valuable contribution to the Ministry and gain a global perspective.

Before coming to Princeton Theological Seminary, I grew up North Carolina and studied Christian Ministry at a Christian liberal arts university called Southern Wesleyan University. I then served as a youth pastor at a Wesleyan church just north of Allentown, Pennsylvania. During this call, I was ordained to the Wesleyan Church. In both my studies at Princeton Theological Seminary and aims of future study, I am interested in religion as a cultural system and how people create meaning through it, particularly how people craft narratives about their experiences and how they use religion as a powerful force for social change. I hope to use this valuable time here as a way to both listen to people’s stories and advocate for justice in the global community.

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