We are Praying, We are Singing, We are Crying

photo of Elizabeth HeyerOur ministry had the opportunity to host a group of Young Adult Volunteers as part of their orientation process. Elizabeth Heyer, who will be serving in Indianapolis, wrote a reflection on her experience:

I was sent to the Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations. Introductions were made and job details were shared. And a man name Mark said something profound. He said that “we do not speak for the voiceless. Everyone has a voice, it is our job to enhance that voice and let it be heard.” He then took us to a multi faith service for the 219 girls still held in captivity in Nigeria after 500 days. The ramifications of that service did not hit until chapel this evening.  It was there that what I had been struggling with one day one came back to slap me in the face. My mother misses me, I went to school everyday without fearing for my safety. I didn’t have to fear that I would be kidnapped, raped, beaten. I AM PRIVILEGED! I have lived everyday of my life in comfort, safety, and privilege. 

Read Elizabeth’s full post.

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