We were wrong: Midyear 2015 report by OCHA South Sudan

Six months ago, we thought that violence and suffering had peaked and peace was on the horizon. We were wrong.

– Toby Lanzer, Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan

Unfortunately now, conditions in South Sudan are much worse than they were six months ago. OCHA South Sudan has just released the midyear report on conditions and progress in the region, and crises for those caught in violence and turmoil in South Sudan are as dire as ever.

Cover of OCHA South Sudan Midyear reportThe report highlights 4 main areas of crisis that are currently of greatest concern. 

1. Displacement. About 2.1 million people have been displaced by the conflict.

2. High rates of death, injury, and disease. This is only increased by the rainy season and the impending end to the Essential Medicines Fund due to the longevity of this crisis.

3. Food Insecurity and livelihoods. 4.6 million people will face severe food insecurity between May and July.

4. Widespread malnutrition, far above the emergency threshold in a majority of the country.

The humanitarian objectives moving forward are to save lives and alleviate suffering, protect the rights of the most vulnerable, improve self-reliance and coping capacities. Although the situation is desperate now, innocent people in the region need this assistance to cope until a lasting peace is found.

OHCA South Sudan’s midyear report provides many interesting infographics that help visualize the enormity of the crisis.

Presbyterians in the United States have a long and deep history of partnership in ministry with our sisters and brothers in South Sudan. Please keep the people of South Sudan and all those working for humanitarian aid in the area in your prayers as they work toward peace in the region. 

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