ECPAT Luggage Tags at Germonds Presbyterian Church

by Velta Upeslacis

ECPAT TagsWhile attending the 58th Commission on the Status of Women in March 2014, I learned about various NGO’s and how they are contributing to women’s empowerment both nationally and worldwide.  
I recently attended a conference “Changing the Conversation”  where the Rev. Mark Koenig , director of the was a prominent speaker.  In a small group discussion,  he told us about a bright, hand-woven  luggage tag that he had which is sold by ECPAT-USA for a mere $12.  ECPAT-USA (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking) made a powerful impact on me when I learned about it at the Commission on the Status of Women.  I saw documentary films, and listened to horrific accounts of child soldiers, and human trafficking.
Every time you use a ECPAT Luggage Tag, you help raise awareness of the commercial sexual exploitation of children and efforts to address the serious violation of children’s rights.
I immediately wanted to contribute my $12, but then realized that although it takes many drops to fill a bucket, my one drop could be multiplied.
I raised this issue and informed the CIS (Church in Society) committee at Germonds Presbyterian Church about ECPAT.  We voted to start out by purchasing 60 luggage tags to sell them to congregation and to friends as stocking stuffers for Christmas, baby item identification tags, and more.  We may repeat this process again as we raise awareness and people realize the major impact that can be achieved when we all work together. 

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